Members and customers we are looking for

As a business association offering specific services we are looking for members and customers

Innovators as customers

Specific services for the development of health related technologies

Investors from public and private areas as members

Offering you a platform to get aware of developments and to replace uncertainty by trust and confidence.

Service provider as members and customers

Updates and awareness of your service quality when it is needed. We are connecting and moderating the SLA between you as our member and the innovator as our customer 

OITBpathway is offering services specific for different customer areas, offering a knowledge-management platform for members and is supporting innovators to reach the health market, both for private investment by companies and citizens as for the healthcare system and health care service providers as some examples.

OITBpathway is offering the platform for different kind of technologies but for only one industrial area: health.

Health means not only services to overcome diseases but also services to support to stay healthy.

Within the services OITBpathway offers especially also services regarding the health market areas supported by experts on a technology as well as bridging to e.g. clinical usage and clinical guidelines.